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IC Robotic provide at tool that powers automated content creation – often refered to as Natural Language Generation or NLG.

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Easy automated product descriptions with IC Robotic

Connect your e-commerce solution with the IC Robotic platform with our newest Shopify integration and start generating automated product descriptions in less than 10 minutes!

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Powering automated content

With the IC Robotic Editor, you are able to easily start automating your content creation. The userfriendly platform provides you with the necessary features to ease your daily content creation.

High quality Natural Language Generation (NLG)

IC Robotic provides a tool that powers automated content creation – often referred to as Natural Language Generation or NLG. Our Editor is able to generate fluently written, meaningful, and unique text content on a massive scale based on structured data. Whether you are in the media industry, an e-commerce expert, an analyst, or an SEO specialist, IC Robotic can help you create automated intelligent content.

Utilize the powers of AI and NLG and generate content faster than ever.

Userfriendly automated text content generation

At IC Robotic, we have developed a NLG software that enables automated generation of text content based on structured data. Content written by our userfriendly AI tool is created as if a human would have written each and single one of them. We ensure that you remain in control of your content creation and you decide the tone-of-voice and how to structure your content.

Provide our Editor with some structured data through some of our easy-to-use integrations. Utilize the many userfriendly features to write your unique template and start the generation of your content.

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