We work towards automating your routine work processes in text production

The story of IC Robotic began… In another company, Lasso X. What started as a creative side project at Lasso X turned out to have a huge potential. That is why Marc, the now former Business Development Manager at Lasso X, seized the opportunity to head out on an exciting journey, with the technology in his bag, to disrupt the world of media and communication. IC Robotic was founded.

IC Robotic aims to fully utilize the innovative software developed by our older ‘sister’: The technology that enables automatic production of text based on data. The goal is to automate routine work processes in text production and data analysis. With our internationally patent-pending technology, we believe that we can do just that. For the benefit of both businesses and their users.

However, we are not a content supplier. We are a software-as-a-service supplier established for the purpose of streamlining the internal processes of content writing at other companies. We don’t want to mess with the textual identity of our customers, and nobody knows this identity better than the customers themselves. So we provide an easy to use interface for our customers to start automating their own texts.

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The team

André Møller
André MøllerFinance
With a background in corporate finance, André takes the lead in the search of funding and investment. He is instrumental for IC Robotic’s vision, in order to give us the opportunity to grow and develop the technology with the pace we want, enabling us to take the technology to even greater levels.


Frederik Frost
Frederik FrostUI Designer | Developer
We hold the customer experience at the core of our work, that is why we are thrilled to have Frederik onboard as the one who can take all the visual ideas and functionality and execute them to perfection. With an eye for design and functionality, our editor and the identity of IC Robotic are brought to life.


Jiman Kim
Jiman KimDeveloper
Like any software startup, we are nothing without our developers – Jiman is one of those keys that unlock the door to the IC Robotic vision. He ensures the editor is easy to use and adds all the features, you didn’t even know you wanted.


Marc Aas Nilsson
Marc Aas NilssonCEO & Founder
The one whose vision meant the beginning of IC Robotic. As a data geek with business insights, Marc knows exactly how to create the perfect solution for IC Robotic’s customers. He was present at the birth of our technology and holds the grand vision for everything involved with IC Robotic.


Want to become part of the team?

Sales Manager

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Kan du sælge robotter?

Vil du arbejde i et dynamisk startupteam – med innovativ teknologi, der vil revolutionere SEO-markedet? Vil du være med til at hjælpe virksomheder med at bruge robotter til at skrive deres SEO-content, eller anden tekst produktion?

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CTO (Full-stack Developer)

Read more about the open position for CTO (Full-stack Developer) at IC Robotic.

Develop cutting-edge automation software

We are looking for a CTO (Full-stack Developer) with an eye for details and in-depth knowledge of modern front- and back-end technologies, who wants to develop a user friendly and intuitive SaaS platform for working proactively with text automation.

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