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IC Robotic is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup. It was established to streamline the internal processes of content writing and help companies increase their online presence through automated content creation.

We aim to enable our customers to fully utilize our award-nominated AI tool that enables the automation of routine work processes in text production and data analysis. This is achieved through providing a user-friendly Natural Language Generation platform, that enables our users to “train their own robot writer” while maintaining their own textual identity.

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Increase your online presence with automated content



Frederik Frost
Frederik FrostUI Designer | Developer
We hold the customer experience at the core of our work, that is why we are thrilled to have Frederik onboard as the one who can take all the visual ideas and functionality and execute them to perfection. With an eye for design and functionality, our editor and the identity of IC Robotic are brought to life.


Marc Aas Nilsson
Marc Aas NilssonCEO & Founder
The one whose vision meant the beginning of IC Robotic. As a data geek with business insights, Marc knows exactly how to create the perfect solution for IC Robotic’s customers. He was present at the birth of our robot and holds the grand vision for everything involved with IC Robotic.


Markus Földvary
Markus FöldvaryJournalist | Customer Success Manager
Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to IC Robotic and with Markus aboard, we can focus on ensuring that customers get the maximum value from our NLG-software. With a degree in journalism and experience with search engine optimization, Markus will make your texts come alive.


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Kan du sælge robotter?

Vil du arbejde i et dynamisk startupteam – med innovativ teknologi, der vil revolutionere SEO-markedet? Vil du være med til at hjælpe virksomheder med at bruge robotter til at skrive deres SEO-content, eller anden tekst produktion?

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We work with the best…


We have some of the coolest customers. They constantly challenge the way of utilizing AI in content creation –  whether it is a small webshop or a large news media – they all push the boundaries of Natural Language Generation. 

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We have joined forces with some of the most innovative digital performance agencies. Together we secure that you get the most out of using our NLG-platform and maximum return on your investment in automated content creation.

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We provide a range of different integrations to ease the configuration of our platform. It ensures that our users get the maximum value from our award-nominated tool and quickly start generating automated intelligent content. 

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