Automated product descriptions

SassyLAB, who is a small Danish startup selling secondhand clothes online, wanted unique product descriptions for every product they sell. However, they only have one item of each secondhand clothing item that is sold through their website by their users, so either hiring content writers or writing product descriptions themselves wasn’t an option. 

Our editor provided them with a resource-efficient solution, which has enabled them to automatically generate new and unique product descriptions for every piece of secondhand clothes focusing on the clothes condition and specifications, long-tail keywords, and their USPs.

  • More than 8.500 published and accurate product descriptions and counting

  • Fivefold their efficiency when creating and uploading new products

  • Increased digital presence

  • Fast and easy setup using our Shopify Connector

“From the very beginning, the team at IC Robotic has been very professional and quick in assisting us with using the editor. We’ve been able to onboard new products much faster and we would not be able to accelerate our growth without automated product descriptions.”
– Thomas Medard Frederiksen, Co-owner and Co-founder at SassyLAB

Thousands of descriptions for unique products

Due to the nature of an online secondhand clothing shop, SassyLAB only has unique products and there is only one piece of each clothing item. Hence, Writing product descriptions for used clothes sold for less than 20 euros would neither be a cost-effective or reasonable use of resources. However, customers expect product descriptions with clothes specifications and their used condition.

With our editor, SassyLAB can now satisfy their customers with unique product descriptions written in a stringent style both textual and visual focusing on long-tail keywords and their unique selling propositions.

Furthermore, this has resulted in an increased digital presence with better SEO rankings, an ongoing increase in organic traffic from search engines, and higher conversion rates.

Making the clothing industry more sustainable

With their goal of minimizing clothing waste, SassyLAB has taken a big step in that direction by using our editor for all their product descriptions. Sellers are happier to sell their secondhand clothes through them, where they don’t have to write their product descriptions, and buyers are more inclined to buy. Hence, less clothing waste and a more sustainable industry. 

SassyLAB has already taken full advantage of our editor by continuously building on their existing template by adding new scenarios, variables, synonyms, and sentences making more descriptive, creative, and informative product descriptions – for both new and existing products on their website.

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