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Automated product and category descriptions

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Automated SEO content for you!

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Automate your boring analysis writing

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Automated data-based articles

We are live on Shopify & WooCommerce

Easy automated product descriptions with IC Robotic

Connect your e-commerce solution with the IC Robotic platform with our newest Shopify integration or WooCommerce integration and start generating automated product descriptions in less than 10 minutes!

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A wide range of automated content opportunities

If you need a large amount of unique or personalized text content and have a data source that could potentially support it, then there is a good chance that IC Robotic can help you automate the process of generating content. By combining text and data, we can help you use your time more efficiently – without making compromises on quality.

Automated content presents a solution to a wide range of industries that to some degree – or entirely – rely on text. Text, that can be made more efficiently and in larger quantities, but without decreasing the level of personalization and uniqueness.

Let yourself be inspired by the different ways our customers have utilized our Natural Language Generation (NLG) tool by reading some of our cases.

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