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IC Robotic provides a tool that powers automated analysis and reports – often referred to as Natural Language Generation or NLG.

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Automated Analysis & Reports

Conducting analysis and reports can be time-consuming, often due to a large amount of research. Especially if they are frequent and to some degree standardized. But imagine if those two factors could actually work in your favor.

The editor from IC Robotic can help you make automated analysis, so you don’t have to spend more time than necessary on the otherwise routine effort. Time, you could probably use for other and more productive tasks.

By combining data with a variety of text sentences made with the possible outcomes in mind, you can create hundreds or even thousands of analyses or reports on various subjects in close to no time at all.

Standardize or personalize to your needs

We touched a bit upon it in the previous sections, but you might want it explained further.

By utilizing data from your reader or by adding various text variations that the robot can choose from, you are able to personalize your content to suit each reader.

However, we do experience others, who want each report or analysis to sound exactly the same, if the data tells the same story, in order to increase the familiarity between each report for their reader. This can be done by adding only a few text variations to support each scenario in the data.

Both can be supported by our editor, it depends on your needs. To get a better understanding of the many possibilities, request a demo with one of our experts.

unique selling point - massive quantities

Generat massive quantities of fluently written content

unique selling point - efficient

Create automated content more efficiently than ever before

unique selling point - personalized

Ensure uniqueness from others and across all your own content

unique selling point - unique content

Personalize content to match your tone of voice and identity

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