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IC Robotic provides a tool that powers automated product and category descriptions – often referred to as Natural Language Generation or NLG.

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Automated product and category descriptions

The IC Robotic platform is becoming an essential tool for any large or medium size webshop. Writing unique and meaningful product and category descriptions for hundreds or even thousands of products can be very time-consuming – let IC Robotic automate them for you.

Combine your product or category data with the IC Robotic platform, and let the NLG (Natural Language Generation) engine do the work for you – in a highly efficient manner.

It can help you increase your webshop’s visibility in search engines, which increases visitors, while potentially increasing your conversion rates and lowering your return rates.

Easy to use our Shopify and WooCommerce Connector

Our Shopify Connector, WooCommerce Connector, and DanDomain Connector enable you to easily integrate your e-commerce solution with the IC Robotic platform to automatically generate product descriptions in three easy steps. Let IC Robotic get access to your data, set up your template using the editor, and set up automatic publication of content.

Start creating unique product and category descriptions within a matter of minutes!

Automatically transform product specifications into fluently written and meaningful product descriptions with our easy-to-use Natural Language Generation tool.

unique selling point - massive quantities

Generate massive quantities of fluently written text content

unique selling point - efficient

Create automated content more efficiently than ever before

unique selling point - unique content

Ensure uniqueness from others and across all your own content

unique selling point - personalized

Personalize content to match your tone-of-voice and identity

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