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IC Robotic provides a tool that powers automated journalism or robot journalism – often referred to as Natural Language Generation or NLG.

Robot journalism cases

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Robot Journalism

So many topics and stories, so little time. The everyday struggle for journalists around the world. While there are countless topics worthy of articles, time and priorities are unforgiving limits. But IC Robotic can help you break them – with robot journalism.

The editor of IC Robotic is used for robot journalism, also referred to as automated journalism, which gives you the power to write an unprecedented number of high-quality news articles with incredible speed.

News must, in general, be written to be relevant for as many as possible, and very few media or journalists have the time or means to chase the long tail – the personalized and local news in areas such as sports, weather, business, and crime. Imagine being able to write for every reader’s favorite sports team and keep them updated on weather, business, and crime in their local area – in real-time. With the help of IC Robotic, that is now possible.

Personalized and targetted content

Making unique and personalized content in massive quantities with incredible speed opens an entirely new world for news media. The purpose of news media is to make relevant content for its readers and with automated journalism, a publisher can make more content more relevant for even niche readers.

When even more readers can get more relevant information for them, the media can take their role as the 4th estate to a new level. Not only by making the news more relevant but even by making themselves as a publisher more relevant and attractive to the readers in a highly competitive industry.

unique selling point - massive quantities

Generat massive quantities of fluently written content

unique selling point - efficient

Create automated content more efficiently than ever before

unique selling point - personalized

Ensure uniqueness from others and across all your own content

unique selling point - unique content

Personalize content to match your tone-of-voice and identity

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