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IC Robotic provides a tool that powers automated content creation – often referred to as Natural Language Generation or NLG.

SEO cases

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Automated SEO content

You have hundreds or perhaps even thousands of products, but you will never be able to write search engine-friendly texts for all of them.

Think again. With the editor from IC Robotic, you can make automated content and enable yourself to write an infinite number of product descriptions or other relevant SEO text content in your own fluent language. If you require large quantities of content and have product data or such, we can help you out with creating the automatic content.

Our software makes automated content by combining data from one or multiple sources with pre-made text bites and sentences. Use our editor to optimize your creation of content and get as much content as you need. All it requires is reliable and structured data.

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Increase your number of visitors

Automated SEO content benefits both you as well as your users and customers. Your presence is increased in the search engine, potentially boosting the number of visitors on your website – and thereby potentially boosting the sales.

The automated content with IC Robotic will give your users and customers more information, and contrary to the standard info sheet, the information can be put in a context to make it more understandable. It is all easily and intuitively done with our platform, the Editor, in which our technology is embedded.

So, more content for you, better information for your customers. What’s not to like?

unique selling point - massive quantities

Generat massive quantities of fluently written content

unique selling point - efficient

Create automated content more efficiently than ever before

unique selling point - personalized

Ensure uniqueness from others and across all your own content

unique selling point - unique content

Personalize content to match your tone-of-voice and identity

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