Meet the robot

Hi! I’m the IC Robot.

I will take you on a quick tour through our editor; what (and who) feeds me, how you work with me, and how you can control the output.
There are 4 steps in the process:

  • Integrate data
  • Configure variables
  • Write texts
  • Publish content

Let me show you how I work.

cutup-robot [IC]
icrobotic - the robot
Providing Data source

Firstly, you need to provide me with a data source.

Once you have your data, you integrate it into our Editor. This is done by providing me with an endpoint or API to your data source – we can help you with that or you can read more about how to do this at our technical documentation >

It is important that your data is well structured, otherwise, I’m having a hard time understanding it. Nevertheless, I can write about almost anything – from football matches to compliance reports, and your newest products – you just need some structured data to feed me.

Once the data is integrated with the editor, that is where the magic happens.

icrobotic - the robot

The editor is the software that lets you take control of the content creation. The configuration process is the first process in the editor. Here you are going to create an overview of the kind of text you want me to produce.

You do this by setting up some conditions, scenarios and variables for the robot on how to use of the provided data. This process gives you the ability to fully control what I am going to produce for you. You can make sure to get exactly the right angle on your news story, exactly the right information for your products, or exactly the right insights for your analysis.

The sky (and partly your data) is the limit.

Configuring the editor
icrobotic - the robot
Text and editor combined

Now you’re all set to write the text in your own tone-of-voice and based on your conditions. Write different variations of sentences that support your angles and adds uniqueness to your content. The more variations of sentences, the more power you will give me to produce your unique content.

The various features in the editor give you the best opportunities to write your own fluent language – get one of our experts to tell you about these features.

This is often an iterative process, where you add more conditions and text as you find more possible insights or angles.

icrobotic - the robot

Lastly, publish the content. Based on the data, conditions, and text you have given me, I am now ready to produce and publish your content. Press publish and connect to our API and I will be able to provide you with “endless” content.

Make either dynamic, personalized, or static content come alive on your medium. If you want to make changes in the automated content, you can simply go back in the Editor and change the data, variables, conditions or sentences and easily republish your content – I will keep your content coming.

IC Robot creating content
icrobotic - the robot
Request Demo

Do you want me to produce your content? Request a 30-minute live demo or arrange a meeting with one of our experts by clicking that orange button and fill in your information.

They are not as quick as I, but they will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

icrobotic - the robot